Texanna Custom Homes Will Build On Your Ranch

Texanna Custom Homes has a wonderful reputation for the quality custom home built for clients who own ranches. John Thomas and his team of highly skilled professionals build custom homes with the same extraordinary workmanship and timeline on ranches as they do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

With over 30 years experience as a home builder and remodeler, John can build whatever special feature a home on a ranch may require. Some special features may include a safe room, back up power generators, gun safe, hidden rooms, a basement, or elevators. At all times our client's privacy is respected and the utmost discretion is used when building their home.

Uvalde Ranch

A main house and foreman house was built simultaneously on a 3,000 acre ranch near Uvalde. The outside elevation is ranch style while the inside is true elegance.

Uvalde RanchUvalde Ranch

Bastrop Ranch

5,500 sq.ft. ranch home near Bastrop, all metal outside with high tech state of the art electronics and modern-blended-rustic interior. Mesquite wood floors and 100 year old Cypress wood paneling.

Bastrop RanchBastrop Ranch